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Established as a boutique investment banking firm for Sustainable Development Strategies in 2017, SDS Capital is a member of SDS International Group, an international entity registered in UK with offices in Iran.
As a Boutique Investmetment Bank, in SDS Capital we provide A-Z cash management, funds control, and risk management solutions that are tailored-made to the commercial aspects of industries. We are committed to the integration of sustainability practices throughout our business culture and operations while we seek to make the best returns possible on our investments, believing this is the right and optimal way to build and protect value in everything we do.
As a leading financial services company, we focus on markets where we can provide innovative solutions that require high service levels and a commitment to customer care. We work with small to medium enterprises (SMEs) as well as corporate multinationals in the Middle East and CIS region.
We offer a range of business finance solutions and commercial financing services. These can be tailored to the specific needs of your company so that you can get back to business as usual. Our relationship-based approach to supporting businesses means that we get to know you so that we can tailor our support to your current and future needs.
Rather than a 'one-size-fits-all' approach, our products and services are matched to your needs, ensuring that we provide the right funding support to you. We believe in our clients and their businesses and empower our Multinational teams to make funding decisions

Corporate Finance

SDS Capital provides comprehensive support throughout M&A and other corporate transactions, including buy and sell side advisoryfairness and solvency opinionsfinancial sponsor coverageprivate capital markets-debt advisoryand transaction advisory.
SDS Capital's corporate finance practice provides comprehensive advisory at all stages of a transaction's lifecycle. SDS Capital's global industry specialists help clients realize their business goals across M&A, restructuring, financing and other corporate transactions. We pride ourselves on our global reputation for technical expertise, objective guidance and superior execution. View our:
Corporate finance services
 - M&A Advisory
 - Fairness and Solvency Opinions
 - Transaction Advisory Services
 - Distressed M&A and Special Situations
 - Secondary Market Advisory Services
 - Financial Sponsors Group
 - Private Capital Merket - Debt Advisory
 - Corporate Restructuring and Debt Advisory
 - Comprehensive Due Deligence Solution
 - ESOP and ERISA Advisory

M&A Advisory

SDS Capital supports companies and their advisors through every stage of M&A. Our capabilities span buy-side and sell-side M&A advisory, comprehensive due diligence, fairness and solvency opinions, secondary merket advisory services, valuation, compliance, disputes, tax, restructuring and cybersecurity, amongst others. 
Leading Middle-Market M&A Advisor

Our team advises public corporations, financial sponsors, family-owned businesses and other private companies in middle-market buy side and sell side M&A transactions globally, with regional teams situated in Switzerland, U.S., UK, Germany, Austria and Netherland.
SDS Capital has deep experience in buy side and sell side engagements, capital raising, transaction advisory services and financial sponsor coverage.
 - Consumer, Food, Restaurants and Retail M&A
 - Business Services M&A
 - Real Estate M&A
 - Energy M&A
 - Technology M&A
 - Healthcare M&A
 - Industrial M&A

Governance, Risk, Investigations and Disputes

Organizations confront governance and risk-related challenges that call for global resources, technical expertise and unquestioned independence and integrity. These attributes are at the core of what our Governance, Risk, Investigations and Disputes business unit delivers.
The Governance, Risk, Investigations and Disputes practice combines SDS Capital's expertise in disputes, investigations and regulatory matters with comprehensive offerings in investigations, cyber resiliency, due diligence and compliance.

Governance, Risk, Investigations and Disputes Services
 - Compliance and Regulatory Consulting
 - Disputes Consulting
 - Legal Management Consulting
 - Global Restructuring Advisory
 - Cyber Security Solutions
 - Security Risk Management
 - Business Inteligence and Investigations


SDS Capital provides global security and crisis management support to corporations, advisory firms and law firms faced with implementing sensitive organizational changes, such as restructuring or insolvency. During these challenging times, SDS enables clients to conduct operations with minimal disruption to their business and helps maintain the safety and security of staff and assets.
Restructuring and insolvency projects can provoke other issues, such as the safety of people, the need to protect assets and the securing of data and intellectual property. SDS uses a holistic approach that addresses all aspects of your security and operational risks for the most robust protection. Because security risks are interconnected and ever evolving, count on SDS Capital for expert advice on the widest range of security services to manage organizational or individual risks.
A threat assessment is often the first step to support corporate advisory and restructuring clients. This assessment covers potential threats to parties that may be viewed as responsible for the restructuring or insolvency activities, such as company leadership and advisory teams. The threat assessment may entail a review of the senior management teams’ media and social media profiles to identify any physical or business-related threats. This can evolve into risk monitoring throughout the project, allowing us to track issues and identify trigger points to activate risk management activity.

Resilience Consulting

In today’s hyper-connected world, businesses must adapt and remain operational throughout disruptive changes, avoiding interruptions on any scale. Risk management is at the core of resilience, and SDS Capital has been on the front lines managing risk for clients across diverse industries around the world. 
Achieving resilience starts with a comprehensive assessment of every aspect of your business, putting business continuity and crisis management plans in place as well as operational workarounds. 
With our experience in crisis management, risk assessments, emergency preparedness and business continuity planning, we utilize industry standards and proven best practices, while addressing legal and regulatory requirements to assist your organization and support your organizational requirements.


Business Financial Structuring

Our Advisory partners and professionals are forward-looking specialists who combine strategic financial advice and deep sector knowledge with the foresight that comes from experience. We help you create an action plan for the pre and post financial restructuring process, along with contingency plans. We also provide strategic financial advice for fast decision making, assessing short-term liquidity requirements, and consider actions to quickly preserve value.
We are objective third-party advisors, combining quick strategic advice on the situation and the solution. We do this by providing detail analysis based on an independent business review and cash flow forecast of the company. We identify appropriate debt restructuring options in terms of value for the different stakeholders, arranging and achieving financial close involving all the different stakeholders. We also take a leading financial advisory role, with a deep knowledge of the different pre-insolvency legislations to help the agreement take place.
Our global network of Advisory professionals help solve complex problems or implement improvements, all the while helping you focus on the key questions that will strengthen your financial performance.

Compliance and Regulatory Consulting

Our team of experts provides consulting services to investment and private banking, asset management, wealth management and brokerage firms.
SDS Capital provides a comprehensive range of compliance and regulatory services to the global financial services industry and leading AML and AB&C guidance to firms across all industries. As a trusted partner for clients, we deliver on time, within budget and to the highest quality standards, always striving to exceed expectations. We operate with a non silo approach as one united team to offer a global solution to our clients, who value the clear communication and exemplary service they receive from the start.

Security, Transparency, Contingency, Preparedness

If you have used one of these words recently to navigate change – among personnel or within your operations – you are among a majority of our clients. Today’s CEOs face unprecedented challenges and new growth opportunities.

Global Advice and Consulting

The financial services industry is subject to increasing regulatory scrutiny, with the financial and reputational costs of breaches growing. Financial institutions are also examining their business models and undertaking strategic trend analyses to prepare for future challenges and opportunities – of which regulation plays a key part. 
As an award-winning provider of compliance and regulatory consulting services to the financial services industry, SDS Capital helps clients to develop, implement, and manage their compliance and regulatory consulting programs.
Our multidisciplinary team - drawn from leading financial institutions, regulators, government authorities and advisory firms - operates across borders to provide seamless service, cross-jurisdictional advice and varied expertise to clients. Based in key financial centers, we are closely connected with regulators and industry associations so that our clients have the best available information on regulatory requirements and trends.
Whatever challenge you are facing, our team can assist. 
 - Compliance Due Diligence
 - Post-Brexit Solutions
 - Financial Crime Prevention
 - Hosted Regulatory Solution
 - Market Services
 - Regulatory Enforcement
 - Regulatory Tax Advisory
 - Risk Consulting
 - Management company services

Member of SDS International Group

Service Provider of PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment)

SDGs and Impact Investment

Impact investing is an extension of socially responsible investing, which focuses on companies that promote ethical and socially responsible consciousness with a focus on SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) such as environmental sustainability, social justice, and corporate ethics. Impact investing goes a step further by actively seeking investments that can create a significant, positive impact. Impact investing focuses on investing in companies or organizations to create a measurable societal benefit while still generating a favorable financial return. Impact investing is typically centered on addressing a social issue, such as poverty or education, or an environmental issue, such as clean water. Impact investment funds play a critical role in making it easier for institutional investors to allocate more capital to impact investments. Three key recommendations for impact investment funds are outlined below that will help move the impact investment sector into the mainstream. Industries high on our investment agenda include: low carbon and energy efficiency, waste prevention and solutions and sustainable Architecture.

Recommendation 1: Be clear and transparent about the financial returns that are generated and report the results to a third-party. This recommendation is important for three reasons. First, institutional investors need to be able to compare, rank and classify different investments. Through accurate and consistent reporting of financial performance to an aggregator, such as ImpactBase, investors are able to make more informed decisions regarding investment allocation. Second, misrepresentation in the sector is hindering many funds from raising capital. Some funds are promoting market returns and not achieving them; this is a disservice to the sector. Those funds that make investments that result in a trade-off between financial and social returns should articulate clearly their investment thesis and expected returns to promote the growth of the entire sector. And third, there is still confusion regarding the opaque definition of impact investing and the financial returns generated. In order for products to emerge at scale, investors will need clarity about what different funds actually achieve across sectors and geographies.

Recommendation 2: Create a system for measuring and reporting the social and environmental impact that is achieved. There are funds and organizations that are trying to re-explain their business model in terms of “impact” given the excitement associated with the sector. Until funds demonstrate consistent clarity around the social and environmental impact that is actually achieved as a result of their investments, the term “impact investing” will continue to be misunderstood. One idea that emerged during the Mainstreaming Impact Investing initiative is an industry association of impact investment funds that adhere to a common set of values and principles around impact reporting and measurement. This would serve to bring credibility to funds when actively raising capital from institutional investors. Furthermore, impact investment funds that introduce increased sophistication into their impact measurement and reporting processes (e.g. randomized control trials) will help to bring discipline and accountability to the sector.

Recommendation 3: Consider creative and innovative strategies to attract capital from large-scale limited partners. To address the constraint of deal size, impact investment funds could consider pooling funds that have similar investment and impact objectives. One obvious challenge with such an arrangement is the potentially higher fee structure (as in the case with fund of funds). But in order for more institutional investors to enter the sector at this early stage, the economics may not make sense without this level of collaboration and partnership between impact investment funds. Similarly, impact investment funds may need to adopt innovative or new approaches to fund management to ease limited partners’ concerns about the early stage of the ecosystem. For example, some funds have found success raising capital when the fund is co-managed by someone with a strong financial background (and fund management experience) and another with deep experience managing an impact enterprise.



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